AMAZE! Ultra Concentrated Bleach Tabs

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Amaze!® Concentrated Bleach Tablets deliver the powerful cleaning of bleach with the time and space saving convenience of tablets. ​For use in laundry and household cleaning, Amaze!® Bleach Tablets eliminate measuring, splashing and spills and are available in three fragrances: Original, Lavender and Meadow.​


One case of 6 bottles


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Package Count:
32 tabs
Item Quantity:
One case of 6 bottles
Item Description:
Bleach tablets
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Product Details

  •  No splash - No spills
  •  No measuring
  •  Lightweight
  •  Saves space
  •  Place directly in bottom of washer drum and add clothes, use with laundry detergent
  •  Dissolves completely in all wash cycles: hot or cold water, standard or HE machines
  •  Use in place of liquid bleach for household cleaning and toilets
  •  73% less packaging and 95% less weight than a bottle of liquid bleach
  •  32 tabs


  •  Laundry
  •  Home cleaning such as toilets, sinks, tubs, floors and other hard, non porous surfaces

Dilution Table

Approximate PPM (parts per million available chlorine) of 1 tablet dissolved in the indicated volume of water. Verify the level of available chlorine with a test kit before each use. 

bleach dilution table