AMAZE! Premium All-in-One Dishwasher Tablets

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Fight hard water ​one dish tab at a time!

Amaze! premium automatic dishwasher tablets power away grease and stains even in hard water conditions. With built-in rinse aid technology, these high performance tablets leave your dishes shiny and spot free. Simply load your dishes and place a tablet in the detergent dispenser tray or utensil holder. Do not remove film wrapper as it will dissolve in the wash cycle


One case of 12 boxes


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Package Count:
35 tabs
Item Quantity:
One case of 12 boxes
Item Description:
Dishwasher tabs
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Product Details
•  Built-in rinse aid for a spot free finish
•  Tough on grease and stains
•  Helps prevent limescale buildup
•  Great for hard water conditions
•  Fresh Scent

•  Fully dissolvable protective film

Hard Water?

Is your home located in an area with hard water conditions? Over 85% of households across the United States experience a variety of problems caused by hard water, such as:

•  Water spots on dishes, faucets and fixtures
•  Chalky residue left behind in showers and sinks
•  Dingy clothing, even after washing

Amaze! Premium Dishwasher Tablets are formulated for hard water conditions, which means when you use our product, you can cut back on additional additives like salts, machine cleaners and rinse-aids. Thanks to our tri-layer technology, you will experience amazing results every time.

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Your Dishwasher Can Save Water!

Washing dishes in your dishwasher can actually SAVE water! Your dishwasher uses only 4 gallons per cycle, while hand washing dishes uses 4 gallons every 2.5 minutes!


save water